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Decline comes as truckers point to excess capacity and dimming industrial shipping demand.

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See the 'Join the Conversation' area to the right below for stories open to conversation. For more information, please reference our community guidelines. Email feedback and questions to moderator wsj. Join the Conversation. Close Heavy-duty truck orders fell in July to their lowest level since amid faltering freight-market demand. According to ideas from Taoism , [ citation needed ] Buddhism [1] [2] [3] and traditional Chinese folk religion , Diyu is a purgatory that serves to punish and renew spirits in preparation for reincarnation.

Many deities, whose names and purposes are the subject of conflicting accounts, are associated with Diyu. There are 12, hells located under the earth — eight dark hells, eight cold hells and 84, miscellaneous hells located at the edge of the universe. All will go to Diyu after death but the period of time one spends in Diyu is not indefinite — it depends on the severity of the sins one committed. After receiving due punishment, one will eventually be sent for reincarnation.

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In the meantime, souls pass from stage to stage at Yama's decision. Yama also reduced the number of hells to ten. He divided Diyu into ten courts, each overseen by a Yama King, while he remained as the sovereign ruler of Diyu. Among the various other geographic features believed of Diyu, the capital city has been thought to be named Youdu.

It is generally conceived as being similar to a typical Chinese capital city, such as Chang'an , but surrounded with and pervaded with darkness. The concept of the eighteen hells started in the Tang dynasty.

Nine Levels of Darkness - Central Deborah Gold Mine

Sinners feel pain and agony just like living humans when they are subjected to the tortures listed below. They cannot "die" from the torture because when the ordeal is over, their bodies will be restored to their original states for the torture to be repeated. The eighteen hells vary from narrative to narrative but some commonly mentioned tortures include: being steamed; being fried in oil cauldrons; being sawed into half; being run over by vehicles; being pounded in a mortar and pestle ; being ground in a mill ; being crushed by boulders; being made to shed blood by climbing trees or mountains of knives; having sharp objects driven into their bodies; having hooks pierced into their bodies and being hung upside down; drowning in a pool of filthy blood; being left naked in the freezing cold; being set aflame or cast into infernos; being tied naked to a bronze cylinder with a fire lit at its base; being forced to consume boiling liquids; tongue ripping; eye gouging; teeth extraction; heart digging; disembowelment; skinning; being left naked in the freezing cold; being trampled, gored, mauled, eaten, stung, bitten, pecked, etc.

Some literature refers to eighteen types of hells or to eighteen hells for each type of punishment.

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Some religious or literature books say that wrongdoers who were not punished when they were alive are punished in the hells after death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Realm of the dead or "hell" in Chinese mythology. Illustration from the Jade Record : Tortures being meted out in the Sixth Court of Hell: hammering metal spikes into the body; skinning alive; sawing body in half; kneeling on metal filings.

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